What does nomohi mean?

Did you know…….every letter has it’s own meanings in Astrology? So, this is what NOMOHI means…..

  • NOMHI (letter N)
  • People with a N in the name are good listeners and therapists. You can give peace and love people. The other side of the coin is a sharp mind and a desire to go again and again on the offensive. This frequency can be very tactless. One wants to assert itself and acts without regard to others. Incidentally the N also looks like a lightning bolt or a heart diagram and therefore represents life. N is very stable and provides security by battle.
  • NOMHI (letter O)
  • Masters planet for people who start with the letter O is the sun. They go their own way like a pioneer. People who have an O in the name are successful, stable and often dominant. They have good judgment. O is the divine form. All Divine has a round or oval shape: planet, the universe and galaxies. An O stands for spirituality, the material but also for impatience.
  • NOMHI (letter M)
  • People who have an M within the name are stable, thinking, linguistic and sensitive. From time to time this frequency makes sentimental and adventurous. An M belongs to the holy letters and sounds. It lends its support determination and human understanding. If you have multiple M in the name, you’re fearless. If you look at this letter, you associate it with the mountains or the height of a hat. Everything serves to protect, karmic protection. The M stands for hope and protection.
  • NOMHI (letter H)
  • Persons who have an H in the name are sometimes very brooding. H looks very stable as a letter kind of like a ladder and allows increase in knowledge. This makes people with a H more committed, purposeful and attentive to others. You can fascinate other people and have golden ideas. The biggest task for these people is to learn to think in the present and act.
  • NOMHI (letter I)
  • Names starting with I are dominated by the sun. This letter makes you powerful, energetic and grounded. Letter I brings is partially unstable or even distracted at times. It symbolizes stubbornness, loneliness and also the planet earth while giving strength and bringing light into life.

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